Á La Carte Outfitting Rentals and Rates

If you have some or most of your own gear, but need a canoe and/or any miscellaneous pieces of equipment, we can furnish the following items at the daily rates shown:

Item Daily Rate
Canoes: (Rentals include paddles, life vests, portage yoke, and car top carrier. If you use our van shuttle service to/from wilderness Entry Point(s), parking for your vehicle is free at our base.)  
1-Person Canoe  
Wenonah Prism – Kevlar, 16.5’, 34 lbs. (Solo) $33.00
2-Person Canoes  
Wenonah MN 2 Kevlar canoe - 18½', 42 lbs. $42.00
Boundary Waters Kevlar canoe - 17', 42 lbs. $42.00
Souris River Quetico 17 Kevlar canoe - 17' 3", 44 lbs. $42.00
Northstar Northwind 17 Kevlar canoe – 17.5’, 42 lbs. $42.00
Alumacraft aluminum canoe - 17', 64 lbs. $25.00
3-Person Canoes  
Wenonah MN 3 Kevlar canoe - 20', 55 lbs., 3 seats $47.00
Wenonah Seneca Kevlar canoe – 19'4", 55 lbs., 3 seats $47.00
Souris River Quetico 18½ Kevlar canoe – 18½', 49 lbs., 3 seats $47.00
Alumacraft aluminum canoe – 18½', 71 lbs., 2 seats $28.00
4-Person Canoes  
Wenonah MN 4 Kevlar canoe – 23', 65 lbs., 4 seats $50.00
Northstar Northwind 20 Kevlar canoe – 20.5’, 55 lbs., 4 seats $50.00
Canoe Accessories  
Paddles, straight (Included with all canoe rentals) $1.50
Paddles, bent-shaft (Included with Kevlar canoe rentals) $2.50
Life Vests $2.00
Car Top Carrier (Foam) and Tie-downs $1.00
Camping Equipment, Food, Etc.  
Deluxe Portage Pack, with padded shoulder straps and hip belt $6.00
Deluxe Food Pack, with padded shoulder straps and hip belt; box & plastic liner $7.00
Sleeping Bag in compression stuff sack, freshly-laundered $6.00
Sleeping Pad, self-inflating, full-length $5.00
Camp Pillow (in stuff sack) $2.00
Tent, 2-person, self-supporting $11.00
Tent, 3-person, self-supporting $13.00
Tent, 4-person, self-supporting $15.00
Tent, 5-person, self-supporting $17.00
Kitchen Tent, screened $16.00
Kitchen/Dining Fly, nylon, includes ropes $5.00
Tarp, blue poly $3.00
Cook Kit & Utensils: Includes nesting pots, plates, cups, fry pan; plus all cooking and eating utensils; optional coffee pot; and dish washing supplies $3.00 per person
Reflector Oven $3.00
Water Filter $5.00
Saw $3.00
Axe $3.00
Fire Grate (Needed in Quetico) $1.50
Rope-&-Pulley system for hanging food pack(s) $1.50
Stove, 2-burner Coleman (Fuel extra) $6.00
Stove, 1-burner (Fuel extra) $4.00
Lantern, Coleman, with case (Fuel extra) $4.00
Crazy Creek chair $3.00
Complete Food Supplies in deluxe food pack; also includes cook kit, utensils, toilet paper, paper towels, matches and fire starter, dishwashing supplies, and trash bag $38.00 per person
Fishing Gear  
Anchor Bag $1.00
Rod and Reel $5.00
Tackle assortment, in compact case (Rent for trip; pay for any lost tackle after trip) $5.00
Depth Finder $12.00
Portage Wheels $9.00
Fillet Board $1.00
Leech Container $1.00
Additional Items & Services  
Custom Trip Planning and Routing (per trip, maps extra) $25.00
Satellite Phone $20/day (or $15/day for 5 days or more) plus $3 per minute usage fee. Subject to availability. Must be reserved in advance.
Shower, per person, includes towel $6.00 per person
Rain Jacket/ Rain Pants, price per item $3.00 per person


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Prices are subject to change.
Add 7.375% Minnesota Sales Tax.

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