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Quetico Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) Information

   About the Quetico Provincial Park       Travel Permits       Reservation and Camping Fees       Entry Points & Ranger Stations       Rules and Regulations       Canadian Customs       Canadian Fishing Licenses   

Entry Points & Ranger Stations

Quetico Provincial Park
Ranger Stations, Entry Points, and Daily Quotas*

Ranger Station Entry Point Daily Quota
Prairie Portage 51. Basswood River
52. Sarah Lake
53. Kahshahpiwi
61. Agnes Lake
62. Carp Lake
Cache Bay 71. Knife Lake
72. Man Chain Lakes
73. Falls Chain Lakes
Lac La Croix 42. Maligne River
43. McAree Lake
44. Bottle River
Atikokan 21. Batchewaung Lake (Nym)
23. Mack Lake
Beaverhouse Lake 31. Cirrus Lake
32. Quetico Lake

*Daily Quota = Number of groups (max. 9 people per group) per day

Quetico Park Rules & Regulations

Here are some of the most noteworthy rules to be aware of if you are considering going into the Quetico:

  •      There are no officially designated campsites in Quetico, but there are plenty of historically established sites for you to use, and we'll mark them on your maps.
  •      Unlike the BWCAW, there are no fire grates at the campsites. You will need to pack-in a fire grate if you plan on cooking over a campfire.
  •      Also unlike the BWCAW, there are no wilderness box latrines at Quetico campsites. Exercise care in dealing with this very important subject. We'll have more information for you on this subject and others prior to your Quetico canoe trip.
  •      Practice NO TRACE camping methods.
  •      NO METAL CANS or GLASS BOTTLES are allowed.
  •      Permits are valid only for the date and entry point specified and can only be picked up by the party leader or alternate listed on the permit reservation.
  •      Firearms, fireworks, and irritant sprays are prohibited in Quetico Park.
  •      Live and dead bait is not allowed.
  •      Only barbless fishhooks, or barbed hooks with the barbs pinched closed, may be used for fishing in Canada.
  •      Pets being brought into Canada must have current shots and a health certificate from their veterinarian.
  •      The use of a portable camp stove is highly recommended at all times and is mandatory in a restricted fire zone, when open fires are not permitted.

Canadian Customs Clearance

The CANPASS RABC (Remote Area Border Crossing) program facilitates the customs clearance process for individuals wishing to cross the border into Canada in remote areas. Please note that the turn around time for mailed-in CANPASS RABC permit applications is at least three to four weeks; however, we recommend you allow at least 5-6 weeks. The cost is $30 in Canadian funds per person, or per couple (with or without minor children), payable by Visa or MasterCard.

For information about and the application form for a Remote Area Border Crossing, permit click here.

Mail your completed application and photocopies of supporting documents to the following address:
Canada Border Services Agency
201 North May Street
Thunder Bay ON P7C 3P4
Telephone: 807-624-2162
Toll Free: 1-877-854-RABC
     You must fully complete and sign the application.
     You must ensure that you have provided your credit card information.
     You must submit photocopies of all of the required identification.
     will receive a mailed response, unless an interview is deemed necessary.

Passports for customs clearance are required to enter Canada (and re-enter the US*). If you are planning to cross into Canada without customs available, you will need a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit (RABC), for which you must apply at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your trip. All adults must have their own RABC. Dependents 17 years old and younger can be added to a parent or legal guardian’s RABC. Children 17 and under not traveling with their parents or legal guardian must obtain their own RABC. (Only citizens of Canada and the United States can obtain an RABC. Citizens of other countries can still take a Quetico trip, but please call 800-223-6565 to discuss your options.) RABC Permit For Quetico

*US Customs is no longer open in Ely. The best way to check into the United States after a Quetico trip is to use the ROAM APP. If not, you need to check in at an open office like Crane Lake, Duluth, or International Falls. Visit U.S. Customs and Border Protection for more information.)

If you plan to fish in the Quetico Provincial Park, an Ontario fishing license is required:
Quetico Fishing Licenses

   About the Quetico Provincial Park       Travel Permits       Reservation and Camping Fees       Entry Points & Ranger Stations       Rules and Regulations       Canadian Customs       Canadian Fishing Licenses